Loving Care For Your Pet, Ease of Mind For You ~


Notice: Holidays fees are double. that includes Dec 24th and the 25th and Thanksgiving, new year on the 31 and 1st.
Up to 3 pets is $20.00 per HALF HOUR visit.
UP to 3 pets is $23.00 per 45 minutes.
Up to 3 pets is $28.00 per HOUR.

Each pet beyond the first 3 is $2.00 extra.

Overnight sitting is $65.00 per night. Min. of a 10 hour stay.

Rate are negotiable. based on type of pets involved.
Rates are subject to change.

I have attended Pet First Aid.

Santee Critter Sitting phone: 619.938.3534      email: SanteeCritterSitter@yahoo.com